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Thank you for the opportunity & privilege to introduce our Services. To make people believe in Astrology, Palm reading, horoscope, Vastushastra and Face reading, for proper guidance, and due to many of my customers demand. With many ages experience and many years self experience Palm Reading, Horoscope, Astrology, Vastushastra, Facereading, Gemology with help of these I have guided many of my customers and sorted out their problems and have gained success.

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Jyotish Guru

address A-82, Kendriya Vihar Aprtment, Sector 51, Noida - 201301 View Map

phone 09910674026

Astrology in Noida.
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surbhi sahu
surbhi sahu 2019-10-01

Respected Pandit Ji i am surbhi from chandigarh ,your whats app/ phone: 9599407064/5was very helpful to reach you i visited you last year in dec. month regarding my problems,after doing horoscope analysis you told me that before april 15, my problems of family issues would be sorted out in my favour by doing some remedies. you were right as my problems are over . i would like to say thank you. great!

nilesh yadav
nilesh yadav 2019-07-26

PANDIT JI : PARNAM , As per your prediction

ML Gupta
ML Gupta 2019-05-22

Jai shri radha krishan, I am sorry to reply late. Respected astrologer Sir,with your timely valuable astrological/spiritual guidance,support

harsayine d
harsayine d 2019-04-06

Respected Sir, we are extremly glad to share that my brother has been declared successful in the recent declared UPSC civil services result .we visited you last year regarding career of my brother. you advised us strong chances r for govt.job pariculary civil services.Your regular uninterrupted academic valuable advice, motivation ,inspiration

kiyansh sen
kiyansh sen 2019-04-04

Om sai Ram, Guru ji i m kiyansh from calcutta, last year i with my parents visited you regarding my job

palak shah
palak shah 2019-04-01

i and my husband visited you noida/vrindavan regarding our married life

ms rathi
ms rathi 2019-03-22

Jai sri radhe krishna ! Guru ji i am MS Rathi, i took phone consultancy regarding my long pending approval for job contract

ibhya joshi
ibhya joshi 2019-03-05

Respected Guru ji , i took phone consultancy regarding my job in jan. 2019. i was without job for the last 6 months. i was very upset. after consulting you

fayhan aloqui
fayhan aloqui 2019-02-12

Respected Astrologer Sir, i visited you in jan. this year regarding my problems

manvinder singh
manvinder singh 2019-01-21

i am an advocate . i have been consulting guru Ji (pandit R KSharma ji, Jyotish guru noida/vrindavan) frequently for the last 5 years . whenever i had problem/confusion/uncertainty i took appointment and took his valuable advice. with his consultancy i was able to travel abroad

mahesh worlikar
mahesh worlikar 2019-01-07

thanks pandit R K sharma ji jyotish guru i visited you regarding my selection in goverment job in august 2018. you told me that before 30th jan.2019, strong possibility of govt. job. i have been posted as govt. teacher in . thanku so much sir for your prediction and blessings.

nmarita maheshwari
nmarita maheshwari 2018-12-21

Guruji Merry Christmas

akshay 2018-12-08

Thanku so much sir . before consulting you i was without job for 3 months. but after consulting you

nearika sharma
nearika sharma 2018-09-09

hi, i am neharika sharma from faridabad , i took phone consultancy thrice by paying Rs.1100/- each time in jan,,feb.

aparna singh
aparna singh 2018-08-22

Respected sir i am from banglore, i took phone consultancy in march regarding visa, as per your prediction ,truely frequent support ,guidlines

harish chand
harish chand 2018-08-09

आदरणीय ज्योतिष् गुरु जी , पंडित आर . के. शर्मा जी, जैसा आपने कहा ताकि २७ अगस्त से पहले मेरी नौकरी और वेवाहिक जीवन की समस्या हाल हो जाएगी, मैने वो सभी उपाय किए जैसा आपने कहा था. मेरी लगभग काफ़ी समस्या हाल हो गयी है,आपका बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद, फरीदाबाद, हरियाणा

parmod agarwal
parmod agarwal 2018-07-29

Respected Astrologer Pandit R K Sharma ji i personally met u in sector 51, noida in Jan .

saijili singh
saijili singh 2018-07-07

Pandit R K sharma ji ,jyotish guru i am saijili from Guru Gram, haryana, i took consultancy on phone after paying fee by paytm in march 2018,you predicted me about my govt. job.

priyank dubey
priyank dubey 2018-06-28

i am priyank dubey from patna, i have suffered huge losses by wrong advice by so called/claimed pandit/speciaist ,they advised to do business

ridhima verma
ridhima verma 2018-05-27

RESPECTED Pandit R K Sharma ji jyotish guru, thanku so much ,earlier i took phone consultancy from two so called astro specialist they told me that i would loss my job if didn't follow their advice

anushka patel
anushka patel 2018-04-16

Respected Sir /Pandit R K Sharma ji jyotish guru your advice hasbeen very valuable

kankana gohain
kankana gohain 2018-03-27

i am kankana gohain from ,serangoon Road,singapore, i took phone consultancy from Pandit R K sharma ji regarding job/career. as i was facing obstacles in job

dr. nilesh sharma
dr. nilesh sharma 2018-03-16

thanks Sir Pandit R K Shrma ji jyotish guru ji. your advice

priyanka joshi
priyanka joshi 2018-03-14

i am priyanka from Dublin,Ireland . i had trouble regarding my job

bhawya singh
bhawya singh 2018-03-13

hi i am bhawya from Bukingham palace,westminster,U.K. i got his details online i took his consultancy on phone by paying only indian fee by Paytm. though it was late night in india , i was unaware of it but as i was in trouble he gave his valuable time ,consultancy

ajay dabas
ajay dabas 2018-03-12

i had my exam issues. after many efforts

yogya sethi
yogya sethi 2018-03-09

THANKS TO Astrloger Pandit r k sharma ji jyotish guru (se.51,noida,vrindavan) i met him in vrindavan. regarding myselection in govt.job. with his advice, prediction

charu gupta
charu gupta 2018-03-06

i would like to say thankx to Astrologer Pandit R K Sharma ji, jyotish guru (Noida/vrindavan). after his advice

Manish kumar
Manish kumar 2017-11-11

Guru ji thanku so much for giving me ur valuable time

varsha goyal
varsha goyal 2017-06-14

thankyou Astrloger Pandit R K sharma ji jyotish (whats app: 9711718480,9958784926)guru for telling me about my past

monika adrija bose
monika adrija bose 2017-02-21

i am monika .before visiting Astrologer pandit R K sharmaji jyotish guru (for appointment mob.whats's app. no. 9958784926 ) i was unhappy

cecilie f
cecilie f 2016-11-14

i am cecilie from oslo , norway , i use to visit with my friends to india every year. last year with help of my indian friend i happend to see Pandit R K sharma Ji, jyotish guru ( mob: 9910674026,whats app: 8447165150) with my friends . he told us about our past ,present

tapasik 2016-09-21

I would like to say thanks to Pandit R K sharma ji jyotish guru : mob: 9910674026,9599407064,whats app: 9958784926,8447165150: for his accurate prediction

madhurima p
madhurima p 2016-09-17

I had personal

nitin reddy
nitin reddy 2016-09-01

for the last one month i was searching for a good astro consultant regarding business set up. i visited many astrlogers in delhi/ncr but was unsatisfied with thier advice /prediction . my friend komal singh advised me to see personally Pandit RK sharma ji jyotish guru MOB: 9958784926,9910674026, WHATS APP. 8447165150 , the best astro consultant i need to take an appointment . i followed her advice

pragya singh
pragya singh 2016-07-06

i had problems regarding my carreer

yiepin lisa
yiepin lisa 2016-05-25

i m yieping lisa from berlin, germany, i was mentally upset due my personal problems in job. i was told by my indian friend to consult an astrloger, while browsing internet i got the contact details of Pandit R K Sharma ji , jyotish guru,91-9910674026,91-9871098448,whatsapp no. 9958784926 , i called u him. although it was very early morning in india ( 03;10 am ) but he was very polite in replying my query, i paid him 101 euro as told by his manager sanjay, his prediction about my problem

jaidip roy
jaidip roy 2016-04-27

we are grateful to pandit r k sharma ji jyotish guru noida ,vrindavan Mob: 9910674026,9871098448 for his accurate prediction , consultancy

deepti jain
deepti jain 2016-03-31

jai shri krishna ! thanks to jyotish guru Pandit R K sharma ji Phone : 9910674026,9871098448 , for his prediction

vilisha pandey
vilisha pandey 2016-03-04

i vilisha pandey would like to say thanks to jyotish guru noida ,vrindavan, PANDIT R K SHARMA JI ,MOB: 9910674026,9871098448 for his accurate prediction about me

pooja bahel
pooja bahel 2016-02-25

when i was searching jyotish guru noida,vrindavan, my friend pallavi advised me to contact jyotish guru ,FAMOUS ASTROLOGER PANDIT R K SHARMA JI, i took an appointment, i already met 10 astrologer but was unsatisfied with their remedies

sabrina khan
sabrina khan 2016-02-10

i sabrina khan from okhla ,new delhi, would like to express my gratitude

kashish arora
kashish arora 2016-01-26

wish u all a very happy republic day ! i kashish arora married in 2013, i m manglik, i had problems regarding my marriage , i was thing for seperation from my husband , many astrologers advised the same, i took an appointment to visit jyotish guru pandit rk sharma ji,he told me that there is no need of sepration, he told me about me

namrita pandey
namrita pandey 2016-01-08


suresh mittal
suresh mittal 2015-12-10

I Sresh Mittal would like to thank Pandit R.K.Sharma ji for his astrological, spiritual

shweta sen
shweta sen 2015-11-21

I took an appointment for consulting my problem with world famous astrologer Pandit R K sharma , i was in a relation with a boy for 2 years ,we wanted to marry but boy's parents were against our marriage, after consulting our horoscope, sharma ji sugested some remedies ,dates

saara kacey
saara kacey 2015-10-29

I m Saara Kacey . i live in Athens , Greece, fro the last few months i had problem fromone of known friend of my father, i was being misused , i am a courageous girl but due to some issues i could not recover from mental stress,from internet ifoundsome reviews of spiritual counselor , world famous Astrologerfrom sulekha ,Jyotish Guru ,Pandit R K sharma , i spoke to him ,for 3 dayshe gave me consultancy onskype, i shelled out euro 110 for consulting him,in july,2015, i paid him online, he told me many personal info. about me

eliabubrey brown
eliabubrey brown 2015-10-18

im eliaubrey brown from Los Angeles,california ,USA, ihad problem regarding my little child ,christopher, he had problem in speaking , toddling

shubham kumar singh
shubham kumar singh 2015-10-15

i m shubhum kumar singh from nagpur ,maharashtra, i was facing trouble in my study dueto some problems that i couldn't share with my parents while searching online iwas lucky to find the contact details of world famous astrologer ,jyotish guru ,pandit r.k. sharma ji, it was not possible for me to reachhim for personal apointment,after paying online Rs.1100/- he told me many things of the past

APEKSHA JHA 2015-09-29

i'm Apeksha Jha from Edinburg ,scotland united kingdom, i am own my tourism business here in scotland,In 2010 when i came here i started buisness it was yeilding good profit till 2014, but from april 2014 i wassuffering huge losses, i consulted many astrologers, some advised wear ruby, some said wear red coral,blue saffire ,but instead of improvementbuisness going down, i was about to become insolvent,suddenly i happened to c the info about jyotish guru noidathe famous astrologer,i decided to approch him , during my visit to india i took an appointment to contact him personally,he asked me few details about birth date time etc, he preparedhoroscope

caroline angelica
caroline angelica 2015-09-26

i'm caroline angelica from Talisay city ,Philipines, i'm seperatedhave two kids

marisabel G
marisabel G 2015-09-24

hi , i am marisabel from wiesbaden city ,hessen. earlier i believe very little in astrology

Oumiama 2015-09-20

i oumiama from Casablanca ,Morocco registered on fdating dot com , i got the contact information about best

Huan THuan
Huan THuan 2015-09-16

hi, i am huan thau from chongquing,china, i occassionally visit india . i am studying in chongquing university,i believed chinese astrology superior than india. but i heard a lot about indian astrologer pandit R.K. sharma, i was curious meet him to know about my study

Eyelyn Nicole
Eyelyn Nicole 2015-09-13

hi,i am eyelyn nicole from Salinas,equador, i happened to visit india on sept 9,2015 with my parents, though i believe very little in astrlogy, but my elder sister insisted me to visit astrologer regarding my love life

sapna verma
sapna verma 2015-09-10

I HAD problems regarding marriage of my brother for the last two years,both bhaiya ,bhabi thogh married but living seperately. i met many astrologers for any soloution but did notsucceed,than my friend kanika das told me to take appointment with Pandit R.K. Sharma ,the famous astrologer,i did as i was told ,after consulting Pandit RK sharma ji,i feel relaxed because he told accurately past

riya verma
riya verma 2015-09-03

i am a student of CA, for the last 3 yearsi am not able to complete my CA even after my all efforts. my friends advised me to contact astrologer for my problems.i had met 4astrologers but in vain as they didn't help me though they charged huge fee. then some one advised me to contact Pandit R.K. sharma ji,though i lost my all hope .but my friend insisted me to meet him, i took an appointment he toldme about my past

prreti lucky
prreti lucky 2015-08-31

For the last 2years i had affair with my boy friend,we both had our dreams to be fulfilled after marriage, but from march 2015 there was unknown problems between us, the boy on the pretext of parents demand was going to marry another girl of parent's chice ignoring me, when i insisted he conitued not to reply to my tel. calls, i wasvery tense, iatleast visited 5 so called famous astrologers but my problem didn't end, then some one advised me to contact Pandit R.K. sharma ji, i was told to take an appointment,i did. after consulting him,i used his advice

abhishek sharma
abhishek sharma 2015-08-29

hi ,friends i got marrried in march 2013, my problems inmarried life started within two momths of marriage ,i was totally upset

renu sen
renu sen 2015-08-19

i m visiting guru ji

gauri ray
gauri ray 2015-08-11

I CAME FROMUSAto meet Pandit Rk sharma ji in may 2015reg. my business

kajal mehta
kajal mehta 2015-07-24

I M very grateful to jyotish guru ,PANDIT RK SHARMA JI MOB: 09910674026,09871098448, FOR giving right advice

tulika kumar bansal
tulika kumar bansal 2015-07-16

My cousin bought flat in noida extension in resale from a owner in dec ,2014 ,he paid rs. 9 lac to the owner